We are specialists in business
development and promotion.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, we help our clients cultivate opportunity by creating focused public relations/ marketing communication programs. Our goal is to help clients build a viable brand – and streamline the process of turning unqualified leads into customer relationships that advance the business in every way.

Because of our range of skills, we are often used in a combination of ways that yields both perspective and superior results. Key Personnel

As public relations pros, for instance, we are pleased that our media programs often garner continual press coverage for decades – and that so many of the lead–generating promotional materials we have created are successfully re–deployed year–after–year

Yet, we have also helped clients articulate timely new service ideas, secure joint–venturing financial partners, and concept–test a new product.

And you will find us executing coordinated web site, direct marketing, advertising and public relations strategies; organizing events and workshops; designing ad supported publications, newsletters and web sites; plus producing nationally broadcast features programming for television and the web.

In short, Matrix people are engaged in just about any type of promotional activity that will expedite our client’s sales and marketing objectives. Our measure of success, however, is simple: the job is finished when we have turned the potentials of your business into actual business. Moreover, while our initial outlay of time and skill requires traditional fee–based payments, we invite our clients to propose alternative compensation plans based on results.


Specializes in obtaining media coverage for Building– and Real Estate– related businesses.


A second MATRIX unit, develops and manages sponsored communications vehicles aimed at segmented audiences and markets. and markets.