Media Planning: Research, Evaluation, Budgeting

Advertising is a necessary part of business development, and media planning and buying are the critical prelude. When purchased media considerations have been appropriately analyzed and evaluated, the right mix will yield a return on investment that improves as the program is fine-tuned. The choices are wide-ranging— from newspapers and magazines to radio, television, online banner ads and, even, online camcorder messages. The larger goal is to develop a schedule accessing diverse audiences that makes effective use of your budget, tests independently verified data assumptions and builds on success.

Research/ Analysis

Every strategic media purchase plan starts with a careful examination of the your marketing and communications goals— which includes an assessment of past performance and promotional strategy as well as the competitive environment. On this score, Matrix originated a MARKETING AUDIT FOR BUILDERS AND REMODELERS (based on MIT's Sloan School model) some 20 years ago, which we've been improving on ever since. While every business owner may not need or want to undertake a full-scale audit, our background in this critical discipline inevitably proves invaluable in creating effective advertising.

With or without an audit, however, all relevant market research is integrated into our media planning efforts with no available data or resource left untapped. Valuations are assigned to each media purchase consideration based on such factors as independently verified circulation, readership surveys, privately obtained results-data from companies affiliated with your industry, and other timely intelligence.


The size of a media buy always has a direct impact on the rates, services and other added-value opportunities we can make available to an advertiser. One of our key objectives is to negotiate the most favorable rates for each client. As experienced professionals, we can typically present clients with a series of viable options that will maximize the exposure value of each dollar spent.

Integration with Other Program Components/ Search for Synergies

Part of the formulation a budget-appropriate media plan is an assessment of the other program components— originating from your sources, ours, or an affiliate organization— that have the potential to extend the message dissemination and add impact and velocity to an outreach. The search for synergies and efficiencies between components informs all of our campaigns. Display ad themes may shape a media narrative; web sites become newsletters or magazines; video distributes on-premise, on-the-air or online. Adding value by aligning channels is typical of the initiative and creativity that characterizes all our work.

Stewardship/ Post Analysis

Even after a media buy is placed, the work continues with a comprehensive stewardship program comprised of scheduled post-buy analyses, invoice verification and the ongoing effort to extend value in the forthcoming editorial calendar. We also consistently look for ways to expand the value of any intellectual property— including advertising art— that we develop for clients.

Summary: Factors that Set Matrix Group Apart

  • Focused, compelling campaign themes you can build on
  • Innovative ideas; execution efficacy
  • Highest-caliber creativity from concept through art production;
  • Synergistically linked programs: form doesn't matter; only the results.
  • High-performance creative, analysis, execution and stewardship
  • Distinctive work; brand-building originality.

In short, Matrix Group is an outsource complement well-suited to innovative, ambitious, fast-developing companies who recognize the value of focused ideas, intelligently structured promotional budgets and an abiding commitment to excellence.