Strategic Goals:
From list development to proprietary database

Implementing and Managing a Feedback Loop

Studies have shown that homeowners typically engage in a protracted decision curve before hiring a builder or remodeler, and that decision is seldom based on impulse.

Converting neighborhood-sized populations of potential buyers into a proprietary database that isolates characteristics of proven value to your sales program is, therefore, the larger ongoing purpose of a direct mail program

To make economic sense, a direct mail program should not only disseminate target-appropriate messages, but also gather data that will drive a campaign's evolving effectiveness. On this point, it is noteworthy that Matrix Group was one of the first builder/remodel marketing specialists in the nation to employ Business Reply Mail techniques on behalf of the remodeling industry. Several Matrix programs were subsequently honored with "best in advertising" top performance awards by the national trade press.

Overall, Matrix Group has consistently conducted direct mail campaigns for clients that can be refined and improved upon year after year. Beginning with a clear assessment of objectives, we present options and budget considerations with an emphasis on strategies that will contain costs and improve results over time.

Among other benefits, data gathered in a Matrix campaign can be used to create a prospect database that can be periodically updated in successive campaigns, greatly facilitating the internal sales effort.

Aided by any number of existing software programs, sellers can readily obtain a clear picture of contract potentials in the forthcoming 18 to 24 months and better determine the appropriate follow-on promotional pathways.